Our PSA for Nonprofits – Don’t Take The Summer Off

July 15, 2017

Our PSA for Nonprofits – Don’t Take The Summer Off

Summer is an important time to rest and recharge. It is tempting; to slow down and kick back but nonprofits can find the summer to be a critical time to tackle projects and tasks that are commonly pushed aside and deprioritized.   I plan to spend some time with my family enjoying the beauty of Long Island in the summer….especially our beaches! But we’re not taking the summer off with our clients – we still have plenty to do! Here is our PSA for nonprofits–  don’t take the summer off. In our latest blog, we provide few tips on productive activities you can do this summer to stay on top of your development, marketing and philanthropic initiatives.

  • Say Thank you with a hand written note, coffee date or light lunch. Does your organization have a number of stellar and consistently reliable volunteers? Schedule an in house coffee / breakfast date for all of them to enjoy. Set up lunch with a donor. No ask, no solicitation. Just enjoy lunch and conversation. Hand written notes go a long way…set aside time to write hand written thank you notes to donors, strategic partners and volunteers.
  • Clean up your mailing lists – Both mail and email. Make certain your data is free of typos, duplicates and inaccuracies. You’ll thank yourself when Annual Appeal planning rolls around in the fall!
  • Gather testimonials, stories and photographs – Remember that sharing your story is key to raising awareness and financial support. Gather stories, testimonials, and photos for future e-blasts, newsletters, website and other pertinent materials.
  • Update the website of your organization – The first place people do their research is the internet. Is your website up to date and inviting? Touching photos help tell your story and easy navigation will help visitors find information with ease.

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Happy Summer,  Karen

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