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November 18, 2019


  1. Use Video to Inspire Giving
    • Create a short video to tell the story and mission of your organization – this will encourage and bolster donations.
  1. Find a Unique Campaign Theme
    • What will bring about an emotional charge? What will ignite passion and connection to your mission? Showcase partnership, matching gifts and where the funds will go.
  2. Use Social Media to Empower Your Giving Tuesday Fundraising
    • Use all channels of…
July 15, 2017

Summer is an important time to rest and recharge. It is tempting; to slow down and kick back but nonprofits can find the summer to be a critical time to tackle projects and tasks that are commonly pushed aside and deprioritized.   I plan to spend some time with my family enjoying the beauty of Long Island in the summer….especially our beaches! But we’re not taking the summer off with…

January 01, 2016
The phone rings. A friend, on the line, quasi frantic. “Karen, I was asked to serve on a nonprofit Board of Directors. What do I do?” I receive this call often, as I have many friends who have evolved and grown in their careers and they are either seeking Board Service or being approached about Board Service. The KSS, LTD team is…