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November 18, 2019


  1. Use Video to Inspire Giving
    • Create a short video to tell the story and mission of your organization – this will encourage and bolster donations.
  1. Find a Unique Campaign Theme
    • What will bring about an emotional charge? What will ignite passion and connection to your mission? Showcase partnership, matching gifts and where the funds will go.
  2. Use Social Media to Empower Your Giving Tuesday Fundraising
    • Use all channels of…
June 25, 2019

Two Key Things Major Donors Look For After An Event

Two of the purposes that special events serve include 1) raise financial support for your nonprofit organization and 2) cultivation of major donors. Follow up is key after a special event and we are sharing two ways you can reach your major donors after your event.

  • Thank you phone calls– short and to the point, share with a donor your…
February 12, 2019


Assemblyman Ed Ra Women of Distinction Ceremony — October 6, 2018

Kiwanis of the County Seat Super Bowl Pancake Fundraiser — February 3, 2019


Working the phones at the Catholic Faith Network — February 9, 2019

November 22, 2017

Today KSS, LTD celebrates our 9 year anniversary. What a thrilling, crazy, fun, rewarding and scary ride it has been so far with even more projects to come. Today presents the perfect opportunity to say thank you to my clients, colleagues, friends and family for their trust, confidence and support. It is also a great opportunity to invite all of you to visit my website, drop me a note,…

July 15, 2017

Summer is an important time to rest and recharge. It is tempting; to slow down and kick back but nonprofits can find the summer to be a critical time to tackle projects and tasks that are commonly pushed aside and deprioritized.   I plan to spend some time with my family enjoying the beauty of Long Island in the summer….especially our beaches! But we’re not taking the summer off with…

March 03, 2017

In 2010, on behalf of a client, I attended a meeting of Williston Park Rotary Club. I knew immediately this was a group I wanted to join. As my business grew and my schedule changed, I found that now was the time for me to become a part of the Williston Park Rotary Club. I joined Rotary as an avenue for community service and along the way I have found camaraderie….

January 16, 2017

Three New Years Resolutions for your Nonprofit Organization

Review your bylaws and Strategic Plan. Make certain that your nonprofit organization is running as efficiently as possible. Are you still operating the way your original bylaws outline? Are there any ways to make your operation more efficient? Is your Strategic Plan on the shelf collecting dust? Are you working towards the goals and objectives outlined? Make certain discussion about the Strategic Plan…

October 24, 2016

The time is NOW! #GivingTuesday is five weeks away. What strategy was successful for your organization last year? What will you do differently this year?
Below are three tips for a Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign.

1.  Make donors feel as though they MATTER!

Don’t forget – even before donations are made to say thank you. Donors and their support, large or small, matter tremendously. Say thank you at the end of your ask and…