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Who We Are

Founded by Karen Signoracci, who has over 20 years of working with nonprofits, Spara Consulting Solutions is an organization that is adept at gathering data, building infrastructure and increasing efficiency for nonprofit organizations. Our accomplishments on both the constituent philanthropic and programmatic levels serve as testament to the strengths of our organization. We provide strategic consulting solutions to nonprofit organizations and trade associations.

We have solid experience in working with and encouraging leadership in volunteers, as well as creating and overseeing effective Boards of Directors. We have developed strong interpersonal relationships with our clients as we helped them optimize the business side of their nonprofits in areas ranging from fiscal accountability to cause marketing.

Our Services

Governance, Leadership and Board Development

We understand that strong Boards of Directors build effective organizations. By providing expert guidance, we will help them to develop solid governance models that spur nonprofits to success.

Project Management

We handle entire projects of all nature, including data collection and analysis, appeal communications and executive searches for development professionals.

Strategic and Development Planning

By working closely with nonprofits of all sizes, we will transform future visions into broadly defined objectives and sequences of steps. We will develop comprehensive strategies and marketing plans based on the goals of the organization.

Development Audit, Assessment and Implementation

We work closely with our clients to develop action plans that combine strategy with the Board of Directors Development vision for the future. We can take an audit of an organization’s development initiatives and help prioritize, increase efficiency and improve donor relations.

Capacity and Infrastructure Building

Since nonprofits often deliver services that neither businesses nor government do, it is necessary to implement functional infrastructure that bolsters the advocacy of the nonprofit sector.

Feasibility Studies and Capital Campaigns

Before an organization runs a Capital Campaign, it is necessary to understand whether or not it is feasible to do so. We can test the strength of your organization to determine its readiness as well as provide the specific, actionable steps needed to improve the success rate of any given Capital Campaign.

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